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Is Ketosis Dangerous

Many people are afraid to start a ketosis diet because they think it is dangerous. However, this is not true. Getting your body into a state of ketosis is only dangerous for a small percentage of the population (diabetics and ketoacidosis). For the average individual, there are symptoms and side effects, but nothing that would classify the ketosis diet as dangerous. One major concern many people cite is that reduced glucouse levels will not allow your body to function properly. However, our body is able to convert protein into glucose when needed. In addition, the production of ketone bodies as the primary source of energy makes glucose levels insignificant.

Please consult your physician if you feel as though you do have an issue that might make a ketosis diet negatively affect your body. We do not propose you start a ketosis diet without consulting a physician, but from our research there is no danger from following a ketosis diet for the average individual.

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