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What Are Common Ketosis Symptoms?

Before beginning a ketogenic diet plan, most individuals have concerns regarding the symptoms of ketosis. Most people associate unique dieting methods with nausea, lack of energy and a multitude of other adverse effects. Well, some of those symptoms are true for a ketogenic diet plan as well, but the symptoms will go away after about a week. After that point, your body will be adjusted to metabolizing fat as the primary energy source and the symptoms of ketosis should begin to fade. However, you should still be able to recognize the symptoms of ketosis before you begin your diet. This way, you can monitor your progress and adjust your daily carbohydrate intake until you are able to enter ketosis with ease. So, read through the top 3 ketosis symptoms below and make sure to keep an eye out for them after you begin your ketogenic diet plan.

Ketosis Symptoms 1: Fatigue

The first ketosis symptom that will appear is fatigue and lack of energy. As your liver glycogen stores begin to deplete, your body will go into famine mode and you will experience a lack of energy. However, your body does have other metabolic pathways and will begin to activate them once you have lowered your carbs for an extended time period. Once your body has gone through this metabolic shift, your energy levels will go back to normal.

Ketosis Symptom 2: Weight Loss

Even though it is not a symptom, weight loss is the next byproduct of following a ketogenic diet plan. During the first week, the lack of carbs will cause you to lose a lot of water and see a quick decrease in body weight. Don’t get too excited though, the weight loss will begin to slow after the first week as your body begins to hold less water.

Ketosis Symptom 3: Ketosis Breath

One of the final symptoms of ketosis is ketosis breath. Once you get closer to ketosis, ketone bodies will be released in to your blood stream. Acetone is a byproduct of ketone bodies being metabolized as energy. The acetone in your body will cause your breath to give off a fruity odor that some people find repulsive. Another thing you should also keep an eye out for is an acetone smell in your urine. This is almost a definite symptom of your body entering ketosis!

As with any diet, you will experience a short adjustment time during the first week. But, being able to recognize the symptoms of ketosis is an important part of learning the limits of your body and finding an optimal fat burning keto diet plan! So, don’t hesitate because of a few temporary symptoms. If you can fight through it, you won’t ever regret it!

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