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Will The Signs of Ketosis Be Obvious?

Knowing whether you are in or out of ketosis can be a very difficult, yet important, task. Especially since efficient weight loss on a low carb diet is dependent on the fact that you are able to limit your carbs enough to force your body into ketosis. Well, make sure to look for the following signs of ketosis. These symptoms will allow you to evaluate your progress based on the appearance, or lack, of these signs. For example, if you do experience these signs, just keep doing what you are doing! If you have not experienced these signs of ketosis, then you know you need to reduce your daily carb intake even further.

Weight Loss

Obviously, the first and most important sign of ketosis is weight loss. Once in ketosis, you should see rapid weight loss over the next few days until your carb up phase. If you are not losing weight, you should reevaluate your diet and see if you are not properly counting your carbs. If that’s not it, you may want to consider lowering your carb intake a little further. However, if you are already below 50 grams of carbs a day, you should make very small jumps down until you get into ketosis.

Keto Breath

Keto breath is one of the most common signs of entering ketosis. You may begin to notice that your breath has an acetone smell and taste to it. This is due to the ketone bodies in your body being released. For more information please refer to the article “Keto Breath”

Always Thirsty

Another sign of ketosis is always being thirsty, but not due to dehydration. If you are following a keto det plan, drinking a gallon of water a day and still have a dry mouth making you feel thirsty, you are most likely in ketosis.

Emotional Signs

Some people report that another sign of ketosis are mood swings and a lower emotional state. I personally have never experienced this sign of ketosis, but it should still be on your list of things to look for. If you do experience this sign, you may want to strongly consider an alternative dieting method in order to lose weight,


Another common sign of ketosis is fatigue and exhaustion. Most people can’t initially handle the complete lack of carbs in their diet. It does take a while for your body to adjust, but soon you will be able to dip into ketosis with no change in energy levels. This is due to your body ability to adapt to environmental changes and become more efficient at metabolizing fat in place of carbohydrates.

When starting a keto diet plan, you should always make sure to know the signs of ketosis and keep an eye out for them. This is the only way, except for ketostix, to know that your body has entered ketosis. Plus, since everyone is different, the ability to recognize these signs will allow you to refine your diet until you are at your optimal state.

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