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After starting a ketogenic diet for the first time, it seems almost impossible to construct an actual menu that won’t seem overly repetitive and boring. When you’re used to eating carbs with almost every meal, it can feel like your dietary options are ridiculously limited. However, it just takes a little bit of learning and experience to really develop a ketogenic diet menu that will work for you.


For the most part, people on a ketogenic diet tend to find 10-15 meals that they really enjoy and that are easy to fit into their schedule. Getting into an eating routine generally makes it easier to stick to a diet plan long-term. However, everyone is going to have a different meal plan that works for them. Therefore, I suggest starting by reading through Allowed Keto Diet Foods and then taking a look at A Sample Ketogenic Diet Menu that I might use for a day on the diet.


Once you have read through those articles, you should have an excellent idea of how to approach the development of a meal plan. Don’t feel limited by recipes or suggestions that I post on this site though. The real key to success is finding menu items that work for you. There are a several excellent specific keto recipe blogs as well as a multitude of low-carb and Paleo blogs that all provide some excellent options that will work for this diet. So, do a little research, experiment with different foods, and have fun coming up with new meals you like!

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