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Allowed Keto Diet Foods

The most difficult part of maintaining a keto diet by far is making sure that you properly restrict your meals to the allowed keto diet foods. Since the carb requirements of the diet are so low, a single food has the ability to kick you out of the state of ketosis. Therefore, I suggest keeping a very detailed food log when you begin the diet and make sure you look at nutritional information to assure that you only consume allowed keto diet foods. Eventually, you will be able to estimate the macronutrient breakdown of your meals with high accuracy and avoid carbs easily. However, until you feel confident that you have an intuitive understanding of macronutrients, you should make sure that all of your keto diet foods are on the following list.

Allowed Keto Diet Foods


The vast majority of meats are allowed on a keto diet and your diet will likely contain a large amount of meat products such as chicken, pork, beef.

Avoid: Any meats that are breaded or cured in a sugar or honey glaze.


Although many vegetable do contain carbs, most of them are from fiber. Remember, when it comes to keto diet foods, it is net carbs—carbs minus fiber—that matters. It is important to eat a large amount of of fibrous and leafy green vegetables on this and any diet. However, make sure you avoid eating large quantities of the vegetables that are higher in carbs such as corn, carrots, and onions.

Avoid: All beans, potatoes, and yams are extremely high in carbs and are prohibited keto diet foods.


All forms of cheese are allowed and are a staple component of most keto diets.

Avoid: Yogurt and milk which are quite high in sugar (heavy whipping cream is okay for recipes).

Other Fats:

It is crucial to injest keto diet foods that have adequate fat levels. For beginners, getting enough fat in the diet can be difficult, so it is important to make some of these ketogenic foods staples of your diet.

The Healthiest Fats:

  • Avocado
  • Nuts (except cashews which are too high in net carbs to eat in large amounts)
  • Oil

Other Allowed Fats:

  • Butter
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sour Cream
  • Dressings such as Caesar and Ranch


Leave a comment if you want to know whether or not specific foods are on the list of allowed keto diet foods.



    • Hey George,

      There is no problem with eating heavy cream or sour cream each day on a keto diet. However, its important to remember that both of these foods are highly caloric (1/2 a cup of heavy cream contains over 200 calories). So, if your goal is weight and body fat loss you still need to make sure that these foods allow you to adhere to your daily calorie and macronutrient goals.

    • Hey Beth,
      For me any type of yogurt has too much sugar for a ketogenic diet. Depending on your personal insulin sensitivity, it’s possible you could eat a small amount and be fine. However, on this type of diet, I try to stay away from sugar entirely and any carbs I eat are in the form of fibrous vegetables or whole grains.

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