My Keto Cutting Cycle: Final Analysis

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            Pre-Cut Numbers:           Post-Cut Numbers:

                   Weight:185.0                                     Weight: 167.6

                  Body Fat: 17.0%                                 Body Fat: 12.4%

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So, after 96 days of my cyclical ketogenic diet, I lost enough weight and body fat that I was ready to begin another bulking cycle. Overall, I was very strict with my adherence to the diet and I’m really pleased with the results I achieved. In my experience, no cutting diet I have ever used even comes close to matching the results of CKD. I easily lost weight at the rate I expected with most of the weight loss coming from body fat. Although I did lose some strength through the process, it was far less than I lost on other diets and I retained the majority of my lean body mass. During future cutting cycles, I plan on implementing even more of a strength-focused lifting program to try to mostly eliminate the losses.

I finally got around to compiling the data and am really pleased with the cut. The weight loss graph shows a consistent downtrend throughout the process with the expected jumps every weekend from the carb-loads. I started at 185 pounds and dropped to 167.6 over the three month period for a total of 17.4 pounds lost at a rate of about 1.3 lbs/week (actually a little higher than I was aiming for).

keto fat loss


As for the body fat, I’ve mentioned my concerns about the accuracy of the scale in the past, so the numbers may not completely reflect reality, but the percentage lost should be about right. The graph overall follows pretty much the same trend as the weight loss except for a very large spike up over the week I went to Las Vegas, which I certainly expected after all the drinking :). Overall, I went from 17% to 12.4% bodyfat. This corresponds to a lean body mass reduction from 153.55 pounds to 146.8 pounds and a body fat reduction from 31.45 pounds to 20.78 pounds. This means that 61% of the weight loss came from body fat. Overall, given that I’m naturally an ectomorph who has trouble keeping on muscle, I’m really happy with this result. I’m confident that there is room for improvement in the future too with better carb-up weekends, a targeted lifting program that aligns with nutritional intake, and no Vegas trip.

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