The Keto Diet

If you’re primary goal is to achieve rapid fat loss in the most efficient and effective way possible, you have found the right place! The keto diet was designed on the scientific principles that govern body chemistry. Therefore, this is not a diet that you will see recommended in mainstream sources. For many years now the FDA has advocated a “balanced” diet of low fat, moderate to low protein, and high carb. To achieve weight loss, they merely recommend eating this same diet with a calorie deficit.

But, will this archaic system make you lose weight? Absolutely! Almost any diet applied with discipline will result in weight loss. However, the number you see on the scale provides a very incomplete picture. What is far more important is the amount of FAT LOSS you can achieve. Ideally, you will be simultaneously adding lean muscle mass and losing fat to achieve a far more aesthetically appealing body composition. However, this is close to impossible on the dietary recommendations the FDA provides. Additionally, the vast majority of people who start such a diet end up failing because this system is very difficult to apply for a long period of time.

Even though there are many ways to successfully lose weight, why would you not want to utilize the method that is both the fastest and the easiest to follow. For this, we need only look to the world of bodybuilding. In terms of nutrition science, bodybuilders are decades ahead of widely accepted knowledge. The primary goal of any bodybuilder is to achieve the ideal body composition that is muscular and low in fat. The keto diet has been one of the community’s insider secrets for years.

Even if you are now convinced that a keto diet is something you would like to try, starting anything without first understanding how and why it works is setting yourself up for failure.  Therefore, I’ve tried to set this site up in a way that makes it easy to learn about the ketosis diet and how to get started properly.

I recommend you read through the articles in this section in the following order:

1.)    The Basics of the Ketosis Diet
2.)    What is Ketosis?
3.)    How to Set Up a Keto Diet Plan

This should give you a basic understanding of what to expect from the diet and how to determine your personal caloric requirements and macronutrient ratios.

Once you have read through these articles, you should make sure you understand the scientific principles that apply by reading the section on The Science of Ketosis.