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Keto Diet: The Best Extreme Fat Loss Diet?

The Worst Fat Loss Diet: High Carb and High Fat

As carbohydrates are ingested, the body stores excess carbs as glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue. These glycogen stores are used as fuel during activity. However, when activity levels are low and these stores become full, excess carbs are converted and stored in fat cells. Though this process alone may not contribute significantly to fat gain, at this point, the body is using carbs as an energy source almost exclusively. This means that any dietary fat consumed will not be burned for energy and will be stored entirely as body fat. Therefore, as expected, low-activity people that consume a diet high in fat and carbs tend to have large amounts of body fat.

Extreme Fat Loss Diet

Now that we know that a high carb and high fat diet is a guaranteed recipe for obesity, how do we determine what the best fat loss diet is? Clearly, it is necessary to reduce either carbohydrates or dietary fat. Unsurprisingly, all effective diets fit into either a low-fat or low-carb category. Intuitively, it seems reasonable that reducing fat intake would be the most effective fat loss diet. However, an understanding of how the body uses carbs and fat makes it clear that a reduced-carb diet allows the body to use fat as a fuel source. Even though it is counterintuitive, you must eat fat in order to burn fat.

Is a Ketogenic Diet the Best Fat Loss Diet?

Weight and fat loss will occur on any diet that maintains a caloric deficit. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people who attempt dieting cannot lose weight or regain all weight lost shortly after. This occurs because even though a wide range of diets can be effective, some are more restrictive and psychologically difficult than others. All other considerations aside, the best diet is the one that you can actually adhere to. For most people, a ketogenic diet, particularly a CKD diet, is optimal for successfully losing weight and body fat. Extreme fat loss diets typically fail because they require extreme calorie deficits and the elimination of all foods that people crave. The advantage of a ketogenic diet over low-fat diets is that it is a natural appetite suppressant, which makes it extremely difficult to overeat. Additionally, for those that choose to include weight-training or other intensive physical activity, the cyclical variation allows time each week to indulge in carbs. This alone can be a major psychological advantage over other diets that fail if any “cheating” occurs.

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